Riding the Moon

Home is comfy. It’s where I rest. It’s my safe zone. It’s where I create but whenever I go outside, I try to make something adventurous to help me think and to create more efficiently. Since I had stoped writing in my blog, I worked a lot. I had no time to enjoy free creativity and I realized that too much work can affect our creative life badly. The reason why I value so much about free times is that I live in my imagination. So, if I work a lot, there is no time for playing. For example, I create a story for myself and enjoy it on my own. Even if it is about going to a mall and buy books. I make it adventure. It’s my small secret about being creative. I imagine myself in Truman Show and try to surprise people with wierd stuff like giving gifts and asking questions about God. I met with strangers and drink coffee with them time to time just to experience as much as possible about something different than me. Those times are the moments where I create myself in front of people’s eyes over and over again. I never lie about myself but I realized that my way of seeing the life changes as I describe it to people. That’s why I love strangers and more we find time to meet with each other randomly more we know ourselves.

Do not get bored. Do not complain about stuff. It’s not just life. It’s your consciousness. You can make it interesting to see in different aspects. It’s your duty in this life. Nothing else makes sense this much. Believe me. Do the work and Have Fun.

Peace Out ❤

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