My student life and my later life have given me a constant desire of renewal and because of requirements of my proffesional occupation, something has pushed me to chase this desire. Meanwhile, I have sometimes witnessed conflicts between my religious knowledge and my mind and occasional harmony between them. I sometimes have difficulty accepting. I sometimes feel the need to research again. I sometimes relieved seeing the different perspectives. I am sometimes amazed, sometimes feel like there is a lot to admire. I think, this is exactly what life is… Are there any hesitators among those who are in search of truth? I don’t think that there aren’t. The stories of those who want to learn something are not different because they are patient, persevering and hungry for information.
I decided to write this because of my reader who wants to keep her name private. She asked me and said “Mrs. Ayşe, don’t you have any questions in your mind about theology because you write like you don’t have any question. Have you ever experienced doubt. Do you know what it means?” and it continues but I think, I understand what she means because I characterized these screaming lines as worthy of blessings since I saw a thinker, questioner who is looking for truth in her lines. She ends her lines with these words: It’s maybe odd for you. But, no. This is effort and a way of seeking. It may not end untill our last breath.
However, this fight never brings a fatigue or frustration and it hides a motivation inside itself. And, maybe the name of human kind is this fight. If there were no such fight, there would be no understanding of theology or mind’s own fuctioning. Expecting any benefit from blind belief and blind commitment is simpleton.
The reason why we confront mind with religion is that both belief and refusal of belief springs from the mind. There is a verse in Qur’an. It says that “show me the truth of things” and followers of prophet who constantly pray this verse always scares me because some of them do not inquire anything about nature of things and they do not know why they are praying it perpetually. I call them coppycats. And in the same way, those who refused and put a distance to religion without any research have always frightened me as well.
Coppycats are Same with Blind Naysayers
Actually, there is no difference between them… Both of them are results of ignorance. However, the faith or rejection after the true effort is worthy of respect because there are seeking, effort and perseverance in these results. Becoming the environment where we live in and change our true color like a chameleon according to conditions around this environment like Necip Fasıl’s saying becoming the crowd is against the real meaning of revelation.
I adress those who thinks and inquires… It is what discerns the difference and what makes the sleep better than worship. It is a suffering comes from thinking. When prophet Mohammed said “sleep of enlightened one is better than the worship of ignorant”, meant exactly what I mentioned. Being a person of thinking is hard and the road is inclined and it gives suffering to those lives. Those who seek truth do not knee before any restrictions. Their soul are free. Great Thinker Muhammed İkbal says and blesses the journey for truth: “All the quests for knowledge is a form of prayer”
Is it possible to not respect J. P. Sartre? You can say that “how can you respect an atheist” but how can’t I respect for effort and perseverance. He respresents an aspect of philosophy, true or false. I am not arguing the content. Althought we know the fact that he is an atheist, as believers we try to undestand him. People are preparing academic dissertations on what he wrote and they translate his work in world’s many languages. As a matter of fact, to advocate faith, we phrase his writings. But I know as soon as I say that his contribution to humanity is same with many great believers like İbn-i Rüşd and Gazali, my words will be found odd by many others. Let me explain further. Can we consider people who have never contributed to humanity about anything, who never show any effort to know about anything, who are lazy and people who have spent their lives on finding the truth as same?
I am not defending atheists or Satre… I mean, what it means to believe is something different than herd instict. Being a believer is not being ordinary but on the contrary, it is being extraordinary. What it means to believe is realizing the true responsibility which comes after faith of God and apply all the requirements of this responsibility.
Let’s remember that first verse of Qur’an is “Read”. The light underneath this command is first pillar of Islam and it is learning. I wish, we could build a Muslim culture that gratifies around this perspective because we need people who thinks about this first verse and ask “what did our prophet read?”
I assume, this verse “Read” includes every aspect of reading. To travel from some parts to whole, to understand the real meaning of creation and his/her own being, one should think about this 5 words deeply: Reading, Creation, Pencil, Learning.
And core of creation Love
Five concepts of first five verses in Qur’an… Is an incredible dialectics…
With this five concepts, one must think about oneself, universe and verses. This is a foundation and they are symbolic concepts that bring light to existance, being, means and ultimate union.
But for those who “Read” of course.
Sözde Dindarlık ve Akıl Tutulması

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