Under Construction

I think what they’ve been always said about night is true. It’s so calm. It’s a soothing feeling what I have inside. It’s pure me now. No lies. No masks. But but but, here is the real deal; it is how to interpret this feeling with words because after all, we are not just random thoughts without pen but words that waiting to be expressed. We are words. Never forget that. #notetomyself. However I know that it will all be gone, this peaceful feeling, when the morning comes. Feelings come and feelings go. It’s all part of the process. Otherwise there would be no sonnets written for love. There would be no love stories. But I must say that I am not searching for answers or I am not looking for the truth. Not at all because I know that the truth is me and you. I am just talking through pages because it’s all what I have learnt to do. I sometimes think that It’s crazy to believe in silly things. That’s why I will be around for a while sitting at the base of my mountain. Until my hope rise and make a peace tower. #yokoonospirit #godblessusall

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