The Power of Knowing

Sometimes, I feel like Constantine, who is able to cast out demons and free the spirits of people because those times I feel the power of God in me. This power is coming from Knowing His Virtue. But I want to emphisize the power of “Knowing” in every act of our daily life. Knowing doesn’t allow voices to see my next move or at least the details of my actions. Like the Nike advertisement “Just Do It” means a lot to me. That’s how they can’t use my lazyness against me to make me frustrated and I can be able to win and be ahead of them all the time but it’s not easy as it sounds because human nature tends to find excuses all the time such as going to the gym. It feels like so hard sometimes but when we once go, we feel empowered. There are loads of examples like this.

After I find God, I decided not to talk with my friends anymore because they are all drug addicts or doesn’t believe in God like I do. They wouldn’t understand me. However, there is this one girl who is so into God and clean. She always talks about the inspration that God gives to her etc. I always wanted to write to her but I couldn’t be so sure and I was really alone. After a month later, I heard that she moved away to study Fashion Design but luckly she wrote me about visiting me for couple of days and wanted to see me. I was so thrilled about the news and when we met I explained her everything and she huged me and said “I knew you were like me” and we decided to never leave each other. In the future, we will be visiting each other regularlarly. =)



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