Simple Prayer

forbidden_fruit_by_pepey-d7x8tlhOur Holly Father in Heaven,

Let this be a prayer from depths of my heart for you to hear me. I have weaknesses that only you can see. From childhood to today, they can be placed themselves in the secret rooms of my subconscious mind. Clean them all. Clean my path to you. Destroy eveything that blocks me to see your graceful face. Do not let my faith crushed under this insane history of the world, mad leaders and mundanity of daily life. Let my emotions flow with your Holly Grace.

I know that I have limitations but I also know that You are limitless and capable of doing anything beyond our imagination. Bless me with this belief and eliminate everything that can cause me to fall into desperation. And when the devil comes, give me strength to detect it’s temptation and save my soul.

Your Beloved Doughter

With Love ❤

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